My Promise To You:

Marshall Glowka – CEO
“I promise to you that my definition of success will ALWAYS be measured against a lost era when customer service meant full accountability, courtesy, honesty, exceptional execution and a quick response.
I promise that full honesty and fair dealings are the foundation upon which I’ve built this business.
I would prefer to lose a client being honest – in fact I have – than gain one with deceptive practices.”

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1% of our profits each quarter are donated to the following organizations that are very near and dear to my heart:
Satisfied Clients
American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA)www.ARAHA.org

“…I appreciate the sincerity of your service as this is what many people are looking for when it comes to customer service. I appreciate your advice on what to watch out for while shopping, but I won’t need it, as I’ve found our provider with you!”

Tamer Abdelaziz
Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator

The Directors Cutwww.thedirectorscut.ca

“….and this is why I love working with small business. Your attention to detail and authentic customer service did not go unnoticed. They look amazing, Thank you!”

Bryan Goldmintz

Huge Inc.www.hugeinc.com

“Thanks for all your help getting this on such short notice, 3 days is IMPRESSIVE! Thanks for working with us on such a tight timeline. We really appreciate it and will definitely honor our commitment to you.”

Adam Price
Senior Project Manager