Mini Push USB Flash Drive


The mini push USB flash drives are offered in several bright metallic colors, and dual-sided surface area for printing, though most clients opt to place their logo on the brightly colored surface.


Built of sturdy PVC plastic, the flash drive portion is housed inside the printable housing, and with a push of the thumb, exposes the flash drive’s gold fingers when ready to be used.


As logic would dictate, with the reverse push of the thumb, the gold fingers are retracted back into the housing for maximum protection when not in use.


All of our custom USB flash drives include a lifetime warranty, guaranteed to be free of manufacturer’s defects for its usable life.

Mini Push USB Flash Drive
Customization Options:
Available Colors: Other Information:
  Custom Color
  Complimentary Data Services
  Packaging and Accessories
  Rush Service
Print Options
Tech Specs:
  4 Color Imprint
  Multi Color Process
  Laser Engrave
Product Materials : Metal and Plastic
Dimensions : 35 x 15 x 5mm
Print Area : 20 x 11mm
Mini Push USB Flash Drive Tech Specs
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